Past Projects


  • · Gourmet Desserts – Visalia, CA - Kitchen Upgrade to meet City/Health Dept. Codes ($25K)
  • · Façade Upgrade – Main Street – Visalia, CA ($65K)
  • · University Centre Two, Three and Four - Bakersfield – Office Space Concrete Tilt-Up & TI’s ($20mil)
  • · Time Warner - Bakersfield – Office Space Concrete Tilt-Up ($4mil)
  • · Costco Sand City - Retail Warehouse Concrete Tilt-up ($2.3mil)
  • · Costco Stockton - Addition to CMU Bldg. ($.5mil)
  • · Costco San Bruno - Interior Remodel ($.75mil)
  • · Costco Santa Clara - Interior Remodel ($.5mil)
  • · Costco Clovis - Retail Warehouse CMU Bldg. ($2.6mil)
  • · Costco Visalia - Retail Warehouse Concrete Tilt-Up ($2.6mil)
  • · Costco Bakersfield - Addition/Remodel to CMU Bldg. ($1mill)
  • · Marshall’s Department Store - Retail CMU Bldg. ($2mil)
  • · Orchard Supply Hardware - Retail Concrete Tilt-Up ($2.1mil)
  • · Homeclub/Food 4 Less Shopping Center - Claim Schedule ($15mil)
  • · Mervyns Department Store - Retail CMU Bldg. ($2.5mil)
  • · Target Store #T 641 - Retail Store & Site-work CMU Bldg. ($4.8mil)

Educational Facilities


  • · UC Berkeley Hearst Memorial Building - Seismic Upgrade ($.375 mil)
  • · Avenal Middle School - Educational Facility Wood Frame/Structural Steel ($8mil)
  • · Peggy Heller Elementary School - Educational Facility Wood Frame/Structural Steel ($5mil)
  • · Winton Middle School - Wood Frame Multi Bldg. School and Site-work ($4mil)
  • · Mendota High School - Multi Bldg. Masonry Bldg. and Site-work ($12.5mil)
  • · East High School - New Construction & Remodel ($3mill)
  • · Fresno City College - Library & Media Center Addition & Renovation ($5mil)
  • · College of the Sequoias - Music & Fine Arts Building ($4mil)



  • · Gallo Winery Foundations - $22K
  • · VWR International – General Contractor Bid Package 14b - $1.6 mil
  • · Global Motorsports – Drain Inlet/Ponding Basin Repair - $45k
  • · Worm’s Way, Inc. – Tenant Improvement (Added offices, retrofitted warehouse lighting, added dock positions - $300K)
  • · Dallas Logistics Hub – Advanced H20 Tenant Improvement (Water Process Facility – Accelerated Schedule $5mil)
  • · Midstate 99 Business Park (Shell Buildings, TI’s & Street Improvements - $40mil)
  • · International Trade & Transportation Center (Shell Buildings, TI’s & Street Improvements - $8mil)
  • · AutoNation USA – Shamrock Ford – Service Center Expansion ($3mill)
  • · San Joaquin Valley Dairyman's - Plant Expansion ($14mil)
  • · Dairyman's - Plant Expansion ($7mil)
  • · P&R Farms ($2mill)
  • · Danish Creamery Process/Receiving Area - Milk Processing and Receiving Plant with 90' Drying Tower Structural Steel ($5mil)
  • · McLane Pacific - Plant Addition - Addition of Dry Grocery Storage and Perishable Goods Storage Concrete Tilt-Up ($3mil) 
  • · Nestles Foods - Remodel to processing Plant ($1mil)
  • · California Milk Producers Powdered Milk/Butter Processing Plant - Processing Plant - Tipton, CA Plant ($12.5mil)
  • · Nisshinbo California - Concrete Tilt Up Remodel ($.97mil)
  • · California Milk Producers - Processing Plant - Artesia, CA Plant ($1.5mil)

More Projects

Public Works

  • · Skate Park – Avenal, CA ($50K)
  • · Dallas Logistics Hub (Road and Utility Improvements $4mil)
  • · San Francisco Municipal Railway Maintenance Facility - ($12 mil)
  • · Corcoran State Prison - Sitework & Support Buildings - Bid Packages 2/6 ($35 mil)
  • · Corcoran State Prison - Secured Housing and Kitchen Facilities - Bid Packages 4 ($45 mil)
  • · Fresno Air Terminal - Alteration and Expansion ($5.7mil)
  • · PG&E Service Center - Customer Service Center and Warehouse Wood Frame ($2.1mil)
  • · US Post Office - Single Story Concrete Tilt Up and Site-work ($2.2mil)
  • · Madera Women’s Facility - State Prison II - Bid Package 5/7 ($14 mil) Vocational Education & Support Metal Bldg., Fully Equipped ($10.3mil)

Medical Facilities


  • · Doctor's Medical Center, Modesto - New tower Addition ($12mil)
  • · Kaweah Delta District Hospital - New Construction & Addition Structural Steel & Interior Remodel ($12.3mil)
  • · Third Floor OB Project - Interior Demo and Remodel ($2.7mil)
  • · St. Joseph’s Medical Center - New Construction and Remodel during Full Operation of the Facility ($16mil)
  • · Madera County Prison II - Bid Package 11 Hospital ($8mil)

Residential/Hospitality & Ecclesiastical


· Fire Restoration Project – Tulare, CA ($175K)

· Fire Restoration Project – Visalia, CA ($75K)

· The Storage Station – Dinuba, CA – ($70K)

· (2 each) Two Story Custom Homes - ($.25mil)


· Argent Hotel – Remodel of 500 Guestrooms - ($1.5 mil)


· St. Patrick’s Church - Wood Frame & Structural Steel Project and Site-work ($2.5mil)

· St. Joseph’s Church - Wood Frame & Structural Steel Project and Site-work ($2.1mil)

About Us

Summary of Company

Located in the Central Valley of California, InSite Construction, Inc. is based in Visalia, California. Services are currently focused in the greater Central Valley. InSite holds a State license as a General Contractor. InSite performs services that require a B-1 Contractors license and can construct and renovate structures in the State of California. With over 40 years of construction experience from the ground up, InSite can provide the insight necessary to provide the client with direction and vision to develop and complete projects with confidence. 

The company is led by David B. Hernandez who serves as President. David started in the field as a carpenter and moved up through the ranks of field management. After returning to school to complete his education in the construction field, he continued progressing through to executive positions in the industry. In 2013, David graduated from the U.S. Small Business Administration's MBA-style Emerging Leaders Program ( click here to see the KFSN Fresno news clip). InSite provides the leadership necessary to get the job done.




David has a solid foundation for leading clients though the construction process. David’s full-time career began in the summer of 1978. Prior to that, he was raised in a home where his father was a carpenter and supervisor in the trades. Joining the Carpenters Union in 1978, David was trained as a well-rounded carpenter who would perform trade work on commercial, educational, recreational, ecclesiastical, industrial and retail structures. He continued in those markets through the ranks of supervision.

When reaching his full potential in the field, the decision was made to return to school and acquire a four-year degree in Construction Management. Graduating in 1989, with honors, David continued his career as an employee of General Contractors, Consultants and Owners expanding into diverse areas of the construction market. He performed estimating, scheduling contract administration, claims management, and overall project responsibility. His career as an employee ended as a Director of Construction for a large developer in the Central Valley. In 2010, David started his own company. The experience offered by David would be of value to any client whose project fits within the target market of InSite Construction.

He has worked in conditions that have involved handling hazardous waste and included demolition, wood frame retrofit, structural steel, gunite construction and was involved in constructing the largest skylight in the city of San Francisco. While working in the San Francisco Bay area, David also worked on a 500-room hotel retrofit and a renovation/addition of an existing auto dealership. Recently, David has managed over 2 million square feet of industrial concrete tilt-up structures including the tenant improvements. 



The focus is to ensure that your project is high-quality, professionally built and completed on time. OTUB – On-Time and Under Budget is the motto that drives InSite. Our goal is to provide customers with personal construction services and leadership that fosters confidence with our clients as their plans become reality. Our vision is to create a culture on construction projects that foster the development of authentic relationships based on trust, experience and honesty. We want subcontractors to want to work for us. So, we value our vendors knowing that they represent our firm when conducting business on our projects. We want our clients to enjoy the construction process and we want to add value to their lives as a result of our involvement in their project.